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Alexandre Benjamin Navet

Alexandre Benjamin Navet is a multidisciplinary artist and art director currently living in Paris, France.

Artistic director, scenographer, designer ... Alexandre-Benjamin Navet is a multiple artist - little prince of contemporary drawing. His naïve, brightly colored line is most often a collection of ceramics staged in a theatrical setting.

"My first relation to color is a gift. A box of pencil received very young and that I directly used on the walls of my home. I was given this freedom to put touches, shades, hues ... ".

In the summer of 2017, he won the Toulon Van Cleef & Arpels Grand Prix Design Parade with "Imajaghan, a living room", a decor created alongside Paul Brissonnet, creating an environment of pure inspiration for dormant creators. in Paris, Alexandre Benjamin maintains a privileged relationship with the South, where he often goes to better permeate his visual universe. Solar and iodized. Its powerful flat colors pure, naturally echo the Modern and the work of Henri Matisse. The volumes are simplified, modeled by strong contrasts of shadow and light.

Merging his imagination with the environment and architecture of the Museum of Decorative Arts, he draws in situ, with a sharp stroke and in a tonal chromatic range. With his oil pastels, he creates a fresco, an immersive decor featuring works.

Pencil, Japanese watercolor and oil pastel are the three favorite techniques of the artist who expresses himself on paper as well as on a human scale, by the realization of installations in situ, like those that he creates in residence at the Villa Noailles, or at Hermès Paris (Sèvres). Projects intensified by games of perspectives and troubling depths, which he continues to refine with his solo show "the collector's salon", presented on the occasion of the Design Parade Toulon 2011.

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