Céline Saby



Céline Saby

Céline Saby is a photographer and artistic director, she lives and works in Paris. She devoted herself to photography in 2012 after 17 years in the craft industry (especially in the creation of art objects such as lamps). She develops a research work on still life, which she articulates around the association of colors and everyday objects. She stages plastic bags, cans, fruits, vegetables and flowers that she composes on colored backgrounds. Brands of fashion accessories and cosmetics appeal to her personal and offbeat look.

Due to her diverse experiences in fashion and the press, she was able to develop a relevant and sensitive photographic point of view. The acidic and industrial color of some materials associated with other more organic ones form an attractive and singular whole. His perception allows him to create delicate compositions while doing a background work that contrasts with the materials used and puts them in value.

About one of his series "plastic bags":  

"Plastic, toxic material, pollutant, is disappearing from our daily lives.These packaging colorful colors, bottles, bags, various containers, I do not throw them, for ecological concern but also for taste.I collect them, heaped up in sacks of sacks, they have become for me an aesthetic material, supports to compose colors The combination of these non-degradable materials confronted with the fragility and delicacy of ephemeral flowers is the object of this series. "

Céline Saby

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