Ethan Caflisch



Ethan Caflisch

My works are consequently rooted in material, process and form; it started in ceramics and has since evolved to sculpture, quilted textile paintings, and progressively acrylic and oil painting. my practice has been a constant movement forward, introducing new materials to make pieces that still find their foundation in sculpture but equally exist as painting.

My work exists in a variety of bodies, but the through-line is boiled down to a handful of mobile concepts: material as material, architectural thresholds, interior/exterior relationships, and most recently the figure. each new piece is referential of recently finished work, exploring the possible bounds translation through medium.

New bodies of work start with a curiosity of material. they will be mathematically refined to a hundredth of a decimal before they are cut out or painted by hand; the imperfect line that naturally forms from my heart beating, taking a breath, just working by hand: the process makes the work larger than the piece i set out to make – perfection is only achieved when i move away from the conscious pursuit of perfection.

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