Anne Goujaud

Work on paper


Anne Goujaud

Her breaths of sky and expanse

Anne Goujaud distances herself from the ego, with the summary fascination of colors, and the seduction of gestural gushes. The chromatic balance is rare, sumptuous, enigmatic, and astounding with subtle impact.

It stretches to infinity areas of fine painted material, like fragile colored cliffs. She is not afraid of emptiness. It does not evoke the world, it replaces it. She paints the fullness. It verticalises the expanse, and unceasingly, it traces, it evades, and rid the visible of the overflow of appearances. Anne Goujaud ignores gravity, and lets the deepest smoldering under the outside world, the secret and mystical writing of dreams that are the most detached from appearances, dull.

Extremely densified, essentially and dazzlingly, the scattered sign tests the sources of the painted space, so that the background and the motif, as it should, become one, so that, in the innumerable space, far from the images, painting exists... Microcosm and macrocosm become one, and painting extends without limit, sublime calligraphy of immensity, in the lived weft of the softened energies of the universe.

The colors are tenuous and offbeat, insidiously deep, never clash. They sail. They play with their enveloping modulations like notes of mental music, visual and sonic islands, which, in their most minute echoes, would cross all landscapes from the outside. Art without borders.

Aerial mapping. With something immaculate. Art is the free, heterogeneous and plural space where the other thought is played out...

Christian Noorberge

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