Pelagia Dalduris

Work on paper


Pelagia Dalduris

In her paintings Pelagia Dalduris gives surface, paint and paper new and exciting meanings and opportunities. 

Inspired by forms and aesthetics of everyday, enriched by people and new experiences around her, she is a sharp observer and admirer of the detail. Her outstanding sensibility and respect for materiality and its own ways is what makes her work powerful.

Pelagia uses pigments, paper and textiles in order to experiment and explore forms, structure and consistency. But paper and pigments are not bare tools in her hands - she gives them life by embracing uncertainties and imperfections they create when brought together and given space to just be.   

Her work celebrates coincidence and imperfection by embracing the mediums in their full potential and that with an exquisitely elegant result. 

Pelagia lives in Zürich and works as graphic designer and painter.

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