Nadine Altmayer


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Nadine Altmayer

"I work on textile as the support of a questioning focused on the theme of “Composing-Disintegrating- Recomposing” thus refusing the limitation of the textile expression to one single technique or medium. 

Whether it be weaved or shaped with reused material, the constructed canvas is a surface which is heavy with materials, textures and volumes, an homogeneous combination defining a source of visual and deep-seated  sensations.

It is a place of existence and questioning where the many interventions determined by the “Composing-Disintegrating-Recomposing” process  meet..It is an interrogation of the surface within its thickness, density, geometry, and material.  as well as within its organization, erosion, and modification of its texture.

From a methodical and technical practice, which includes the construction of a framework, it is essential for me to dissolve the identity and the initial appearance of the created surface into a long degradation process.  A radical metamorphosis created by a work of reconstruction and restoration then occurs.

Within this accelerated succession, and the narrow relation that my textiles have with wear, tear, trace and memory, I build a place of existence where time awareness and the link with daily use are deleted."

Nadine Altmayer

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