Guido De Zan



Guido De Zan

Guido De Zan was born in Milan in 1947. In 1974, after having worked for eight years in the field of assistance for children with mental disabilities, he took a degree in Sociology at the University of Trento. In 1975 he began his research on ceramics, and in 1978, at the Colonne di San Lorenzo in Milan, he opened Il Coccio, the workshop with kiln in which he still works today. In the early years his work focused on useful objects made in majolica. Then, using the raku technique, he moved towards more symbolic items, like cups for the tea ceremony, decorative panels and vases. Over the last twenty-­‐‑five years, using stoneware and porcelain, Guido De Zan has concentrated almost exclusively on vases and sculptures. Starting in the 1990s, his pottery has been joined by research in the graphic arts, using various techniques and materials. He lives and works in Milan.

“Guido is one of the few ceramists concerned to give his objects not only a form, but also a particular skin, a texture handmade by himself, in accordance with each object’s shape.”
Bruno Munari, 1994

"Its mute but curiously articulate characters sound out the disruption of space, make play of static interference and shifts in weight balance both optical and physical. They do so gently, not emphatically, but with the clear intent to seek a way out from the stagnation of equilibrium”
Eugenio Alberti Schatz, 1998

Here, rather than form, there is tone, a point of resonance for a gaze which he requires to be active, taut, sharp, so as to measure the light which determines the visual event, rather than merely registering the will of the thing to be. Sculpture not as presence but as apparition.
Flaminio Gualdoni, 2008

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