Radu Tuian



Radu Tuian

I see my work as a conversation with Painting through painting.

Hard facts, Real Life, Societal strife, Melodramatic ExistenZ, doubts, fears or joys, all build up in my work as enigmatic impasto oil colored objects. Presences, perpetually replacing illusion with new Illusions.

I do not consider my work abstract, since I work from images, I tell stories, and there is always a narrative content.

Images found or appropriated, are codified, modified, fragmented, distorted and transformed, until a story takes form, Pathos emerges.

I play with expectations.

My bag of tricks is a bric-a-brac of painting techniques and visual devices: paint applied with brush or knife flattened and crushed into the picture plane as if  printed, oil paint or acrylic, both techniques at the same time, paint applied with rags, scraped or rubbed into the surface move back and forth on the two sides of a mirror, sharply cut edges the use of masking tape, colors are tripping, shapes degenerate, the work is taking place.

I scrape off, I sand down the surface; an archaeological process in reverse gradually unveiling a far more singular form than the initial doodle.

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