Seonja Kim



Seonja Kim

Whatever their color, size or format, Seon ja Kim's works are assemblages of pieces cut from large expressive, highly gestural drawings, free interpretations of female nudes. The assembly of these fragments of figurative lines at the beginning produces entirely abstract compositions.

Many works are organized in irregular formats, not assignable to geometric figures, sometimes dispensing with the support provided by the horizontal or vertical axis. The dynamics of these formats depend on the internal rhythm of the lines.

Their density, as well as the cutting of the fragments, produce the format itself.

Often the translucent aspect of the layer, with pieces presented on the front, bright tones, others on the back, paler, allows a space game between a front and a back, giving the surface depth, a tension, clean suppleness, and breathing.

The set has formal characteristics, such as the abstraction or the assembly of fragments, without hierarchy, specific to Western painting.
The vividness of the line or the treatment of the void is there to remind us of the oriental quality, discreet but inalienable of these works.

Alain Cauchie

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