Alain Cauchie



Alain Cauchie

In the beginning, there is the question of format. The space of the rectangle appeared to me - rightly or wrongly - like a straightjacket, and this led to pictorial research that necessarily flirted with the sculptural.

In 2014, I have found the perfect medium in my creation process: expanded polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is a very versatile medium: white, it clings well to acrylic, is light, rigid, but can be twisted and formed by a heat source.

The word "color" is crucial in my vocabulary and syntax, as it is a key concept in my production.

The colored shapes add up, turn around, combine, are often redrawn, and this ends up, after many assembly attempts, in a part that seems viable but also moving.

The works can be deployed in relief in front of the wall, leaning on the ground, being separated by empty spaces, or completely clumping together. Moreover, it remains frontal and colored as it is always painted.

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