Juliette Vivier

Work on paper


Juliette Vivier

Her affinity with engraving is obvious:  a drypoint work, a goldsmith’s meticulousness and shades of black, white,  and grey give her work this finely crafted workmanship which celebrates her technique and her relation to the material world.

"What interests me in engraving is the quality of blacks, the wealth and diversity of the resulting finish. I like the traditional side of this medium, the connection with the material, the ink,  the paper and getting one’s hands dirty."

Juliette Vivier uses mixed techniques in order to work on shades of grey. She creates her own world fitting the size of her copper slabs. Her territory is the one made of the natural scenery that she considers elusive.. […]

Her powerful compositions create a very personal plastic universe, which is inspired from reality to only free itself from it.

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