Ludovic Faledam



Ludovic Faledam

His pictorial work seeks to question the imprint of Man on Nature, nonverbal communication systems and more broadly the relationship between Man, Nature and Datas in the current context of technological innovation.

Thus in the series of Lakes water is no longer an element but the symbol of Nature, the architecture marks the presence of Man and features illustrate the world of data. He juxtaposes these entities by using for each a singular pictorial language in order to better question their cohabitation.

In his research in object design he favors existing materials with low ecological impact (such as raw earth) or infinitely recyclable (like aluminum). It is this preexisting material that will inspire it to create singular objects with strong visual impact for a low environmental cost.

Marked by his homeland, Ludovic FALEDAM never stops expressing his attachment to this raw and pure nature that coexists with his projections of a modern world in transformation.

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