Amélie Chassary



Amélie Chassary

Amélie Chassary was born in 1980.

From an early age, she has an intimate relationship with nature. Coming from a family of farmers and breeders, she spends her time in the middle of Corrèze and Lotoise lands. Playgrounds of her childhood in which she feeds her imagination. An inexhaustible source of inspiration, nature offers her a palette of exceptional colors which she transcribes in her photographs. She is not looking for a committed but rather poetic photograph that will best illustrate her approach: contemplating, taming and magnifying the simple things in life. After studying art at ESAG Met Penninghen School, landscapes are her first photographic work. Then she creates two books with a publishing house specializing in the heritage of Limousin.

In 2014, Amélie returns to her personal writing by immersing herself in a childhood memory: picking dry herbs. The result is a first personal series "Horizons" where plants are simply placed on colored backgrounds to be photographed as portraits. Very quickly, she feels the need to continue her research on the different photographic aspects of the plant. The series "Roots" is the illustration. Amélie has a strong relationship with painting and argentic photography, translated especially through still lifes. She explores tracks of photographic rendering by mixing the mediums at the time of the shooting, and works in medium format and Leica, in series often carried out on a scale 1 to be closer to the subject. Purified and poetic, his images are often framed frontally, on colored backgrounds where materials mix, variants of hues and lights. The pictorial rendering, deliberately blurs the tracks: drawing, painting or photography?

Prints on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta Gloss Paper 320 g / m2 - Epson Pigment Inks




"Horizons" serie

- 105 x 70 cm : 1 700€ 

- 50 x 70 cm : 700€

- 18 x 24 cm : 260€


"EDLS" , "Bouquets" , "Solstice" series

- 45 x 60 cm : 1 200€

- 30 x 40 cm : 800€

- 15 x 20 cm : 350€
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