Yaya Chang is a Franco-American-Chinese artist, born in New-York and Hong Kong and now based in Paris (Belleville). Her works are inspired by his cultures, her houses and her multiple and sometimes contradictory personalities. Ariane, who works at Yaya, works with pastel, oil, acrylic, watercolor and ink. The focus has recently been on routine: art, for her, is the spontaneous bursting of the daily routine. she is self-taught, firm is the belief that you do not need a degree to create art.

Yaya signs her work with a "YA within a red square to signify a chinese stone chop. Several of her pieces are signed with a custom carved stop chop "YA" in red ink. The character zhang, written in the traditional form is her last name in mandarin. In all Chinese dialects, the last name is said first, hence "YA".

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