Youri Visser-Benazeraf



Youri Visser-Benazeraf

Born in 1988, Youri Visser-Benazeraf currently lives and works in Paris.

The serie Noble Materials is a search towards the use of colour and its connection with the canvas.

It involves bonding extremely simple materials such as rope, untransformed cotton cloth, and pure pigment.

At the border of conceptual art and strict minimalism, the finality of this serie is to reduce and divide into precise sequences all the movements in order to erase the superfluous agitation and “noise” that could harm the components of the work.

Youri assembles the frame, stretches the canvas and applies his own mixture of a specifically created medium that doesn’t grind the light of the pigment.

The rope, with the use of a stitching movement, allows him to make the connection between the painted surface and the canvas.

About the painted surface, Youri is searching for the weights of colours for each canvas, which provokes a different composition and balance for each one of them.

All the elements are visible to the observer, the wood of the frame in transparency of the cotton cloth, the pure pigment and the natural rope. At the end, all the conceptual and visual steps are interconnected and the observer’s view is manipulated to be minimalised. Nothing remains but the colours’ density.

More broadly, the conceptual work of Youri comes from the idea of clumsy repair exercised in a repetitive way in order to give the art piece a depth of soul.

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