Linda Ouhbi



Linda Ouhbi

Linda Ouhbi shapes stoneware pieces using the coil technique. This old process requires slow construction and allows us to develop a relationship with each part of the process. A dialogue is established, and the form evolves throughout its development to seek a fragile balance. Each piece is thus imbued with its emotional quality, a very familiar premise that comes from inside.

Inspired by the creations of early people, moved by old and ancient pieces of rare subtlety, Linda Ouhbi shapes pieces that question its function and its utilities. Above all notions of time and progress. More than a profession or aesthetic research, Linda Ouhbi approaches her discipline as a way of life in search of a primordial state, a quest for simplicity.

Born in Casablanca, she was introduced to the land in a workshop in Marrakech before starting training in a pottery village in Burgundy and then at the School of Applied Arts in Paris - Duperré.

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