Jean-François Reboul



Jean-François Reboul

I work matters on simple and symbolic forms with various materials that I create or transform such as clay, cement, concrete, wood, glass paste, raw materials, coat, plate...

My work is running around a recurrent theme for me which is duality.

Starting from the body and the spirit, there is the inside and the outside, the emptiness and the fullness, the inexorability.

The One cannot go without the Other, and vice versa

They are the opposite or complementary, in opposition or in harmony, dark or enchanted. Matter is our substance and can be both smooth and rough, white or black, fine and delicate or thick and strong...

I feel as much pleasure modeling a bowl as creating a sculpture.

Each of these pieces must tell a story or arouse the journey, interest or questioning.

Although each article has its specificity, it must serve my purpose and therefore no technique is prohibited to me. I like to appropriate a new material that I understand to better use it.

Jean-François Reboul

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