Lili Delaroque


Biography and career

Lili Delaroque

“The earth, I like to drown in it". The ambivalence of Louise Delaroque's works remains there. Works on earth that evoke the sea. "The earth is the beginning of history", adds the artist, for whom this "strong encounter with matter" is experienced as "a letting go and a presence in the world" unmatched ". Because the quintessence of ceramics stays in this return to the origin, to nature, to childhood, so to the past. A return to ancestral know-how, a tribute to craftsmanship, "to the beautiful object that never dies".

From this tumultuous landscape emerges often an oceanic feeling of serenity and fullness. "I want my installations to take place in places to bring a feeling of calm and serenity. I like this idea of ​​delicate objects, which freeze time, and soothe. "

If the relation to nature is unequivocal in her works, Louise Delaroque transcends it by bringing a refinement and a spirituality inspired by Japanese culture. Protean artist, passed by photography, painting, Louise Delaroque seems to have found her way, that of an art "away from the hubbub of the world and its agonizing modernity". That of an art where the works constitute "an invitation to the true journey, the one that is interior, dreamlike and marineocess.

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