Anne Russinof



Anne Russinof

I’ve always painted because of a physical need to make something concrete that expresses life’s complexity and beauty. It often seems to me that art (visual, musical, written) describes the human experience so satisfyingly because it combines apparently irreconcilable things to make them not only understandable but also beautiful.

My work can be called expressionist because it relies so much on the gesture, a movement of my arm and brush to describe the plane of the canvas or the page. While abstract, my work alludes to the body by virtue of its loose paint handling and imperfect looping forms.

Various structural preoccupations have always anchored my work, (grids, circles, arcs and vaults), but it is really the desire to make contact with the materials in a physical way, the search for form using colour and line, that help me define myself in relation to the world.

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