Pascal Fancony



Pascal Fancony

The 4 primary colors of high saturation: video blue, bright red, medium yellow, and light green are the only colors that I use in my work since the 2000s.

My artistic approach was organized around two attitudes-colors: a physicalist and phenomenological party starting from 4 fundamental colors in order to produce and to discover the concrete, optical variations of the chromatic systems through various "tools of setting form ". The second metaphysical party, poetic and scientific, from the 3 colors blue, red, yellow, offering a more transcendental, contemplative and reflexive experience for the eyes.

The work presented is based on the declination and the variability of the tones between the 4 mono-chromatic colors painted according to the visible spectral order of the chromatic circle. When mixing between two shades, an infinity of modulations is possible. I order them according to their chromatic intensities by tone, half-tones, quarter-tones and more from which actually emanate the principles of their structuration: scale, frame, grid, braiding, fan, repetition of bands, checkerboard, cross, square .


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