Cyril Isy-Schwart


Biography and career

Cyril Isy-Schwart

Travelling is a tradition in the Isy-Schwart’s family. Cyril inherited of his father’s travelling virus Marcel Isy-Schwart, a member of the French Explorers Society. It must be noted that he often accompanied his father on his expeditions. He gained, within the years, a willing to learn and the manipulation of images has no secrets from them. Dicing is also one of their common points. At the age of 8, Cyril Isy-Schwart has received his first camera: an Instamatic Kodak.

He became a photographer and integrated the American agency The Image Bank. The prestigious Leica Foundation then exposed his artworks through an itinerant collection in Europe.

One serie is exhibited:

“Démantèlement”, which aim is to reveal the beauty of deconstruction, to enhance ruins, to create graphic images from broken structures. To Create order in the middle of a material loose… To give a second life to what has been demolished.

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