Mohammad Omran


Biography and career

Mohammad Omran

"I discovered Mohamad Omran's drawings three years ago. It when everyone praised his unique satirical line and style, which became his "trademark." These drawings showed grotesque, slightly deformed bodies, which were already illustrated by a certain unhealthy, animal and offbeat side, and which gave an impression of strangeness. (...) At the opening, I venture: "Why do these characters all have glasses? "Omran answers with a slight smile" Certainly to ask me the question! ", then kindly: "More seriously, it's the prerogative of intelligence people, don't you think? "

Mohamad Omran grew up in this Syria of surveillance, fear, in the omnipresence of control, a society that his works express through portraits so human and so distant from a primary realism. (...) A satire that stands on the razor's edge without ever falling into caricature. 

Racha Abazied

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