Fabienne Jousse

Work on paper

Biography and career

Fabienne Jousse

My approach is minimalist, the elementary spelling: the line, the point, a color.

The drawings are serial. I am inspired by science and nature, the world at all scales, and in all its dimensions, in full consciousness of being part of a whole.

I create a protocol for each drawing, based on the repetition of a gesture using graphite powder, pencil, wire, and adhesive tape. Simplicity, the fragility of the paper, and the means used. I use graphite powder that I attach to adhesive tape, or directly with the paper used as a tool. The vanishing of the powder freezes in controlled hazards.

I try to translate the breath, the wind, the vital energy by developing a graphic language specific to each medium used. Capturing the moment, like a snapshot of a pictorial laboratory.

I choose silk, Kozo, hanji papers for their finesse and transparency.
Paper is alive, wrinkles, folds, folds, keep in memory.

The paper deforms, creates light and volume.

The yarn holes and repairs, underlines and weaves, weakens and solidifies. Work on the human, organic, memory, fluidity.

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