Francis Limerat



Francis Limerat

Francis Limérat continues a very original work that has gradually changed during the forty years of his artistic practice. However, materials and techniques has not changed : pieces of oblong wood of various sizes, most often painted, layered, sticked, like repetitive modules, assembled together in a certain order or disorder.This approach allowed him to alternate spatial constructions and works playing with the tension between emptiness and fullness, between absence that distribute light and these presences as signs.

"Originally, a former interest for the Melanesian cards built in plant fibers and shells which allowed the local sailors by memorizing the orientations of swells and currents to prepare their exits in dugout between islands and atolls. My works for a long time have a dialogue with the plasticity of objects, their fragile materiality, sobriety of their shaping and their suggestion of an erratic look."

Francis Limérat
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