Emmanuelle Abernot

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Emmanuelle Abernot

Emmanuelle Abernot is a French artist born in 1972 in Brest.

"The pebble is a belly, a stone debris, you must not say it Do not spoil the pleasure of another understanding Just like this series of circles, imaginary hoops around the celestial sphere, hoops of a dress engraved on a stomach full of life Digest the planet in its convexity and make it flat, like a geographical map where all dreams of travel are still possible. May these seas that sweep distant archipelagos become strong waters and still draw in their foam, a human cosmogony.

Digest the loneliness of being in the world and, by resistance, make it present. Unveil these interior landscapes that are called in a line, a scratch sometimes... Fight against the filling. Say the silence. The engravings of Emmanuelle Abernot listen to what the zinc or copper plates say. A dialogue was established between writing and drawing, at the edge of the sign. A dialogue that only separates acid, symbolic saliva that reveals the word of metal, offering it the multiple."

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