Marie de Lignerolles x Atelier Sauvage


Biography and career

Marie de Lignerolles x Atelier Sauvage

Atelier Sauvage is a hebenist duet: Paul Demarquet & Albane Salmon.

They decided to use mostly heavy wood in their realizations whether they are personal, commissioned or in their projects of scenography.

Marie de Lignerolles is a designer as well as an illustrator.
She works a lot on the light and is also a specialist in colors.
These qualities and her joy of life are probably the reason why Atelier Sauvage decided to work with her when they first met at the Péri'fabrique.

They consider themselves designers as well as artisans; therefore their projects are meticulously chosen so that creativity is at the center. Half of their times is spent to research and to create. The other part is set to produce and build according to commissions and requests.