Christophe Gravis


Biography and career

Christophe Gravis

Far from real references, my technique is the witness of a personal journey, of an auto fiction.

It is nourished by researches and more precisely by reflexions on the notion of space and colours that can be recorded in the lineage of minimal art.

Different volumes are created in wood. The deliberately simple shapes are looking for the essential. They are interlocked, assembled to each other until forming a balance, a dynamic tension.

These assemblies untitled “reliefs”, are defining themselves by their own spaces but also by their relation with the in situ space.

Come with it the polishing and the passing of painting put on a thin area which is quite monochrome.

The shapes’ simplicity increases the contracts and sensoriality of the colour.

Between painting, sculpture and installation, this language might have multiple of resonances. It might agree to the sensibility of the one who tries to decode it and invites him to his own journey.

Christophe Gravis