Claire de Chavagnac Brugnon



Claire de Chavagnac Brugnon

"The Time passing, the memory’s experience, her spatial reality within the Abstraction, in the Chinese point of view – To be inhabited by the present with it spatial and sensory dimensions in order to reproduce essence/origin – occupy my researches since 2007. Trips, meetings, or simply everyday experiences feed reflexion and observation that sharpen my perception, propose new answers, prune paths.

The work always starts on notebooks that I bring with me in my displacements. I write down my impressions of Time’s colours, the music of the moment by simple signs organised on a linear basis. There are the memories of the crossing Time, the note taking on the space by the movement’s efficacy.

On the canvas, drawing style and light in the pigments are revealing the elaborate game of superposition. There are the result of years of elaboration and research in the fabrication of my colours and my signs’ writing down. Vibrating materials with velvet tonnes, flourishing grains; every passing on the canvas, from the bottom to the top, are constructing a layout that is being placed on the previous one in a basis’ game which gives the perception of depth.

The shape and its significance are being created on the canvas in the successive passages of interaction and balance. In pursuing of a “mental stroll”, line by line: the emotional memory becomes the supporting object of its own identity.

As the days passed, the artwork is slowly weaved.”

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