Florence Nerisson


Biography and career

Florence Nerisson

My inspiration generally starts from very diverse things such as pages of a magazine, books, photos, reportages, from my previous paintings or others . Everything that belongs to the domain of real and always guided by my emotions.

It is perhaps because of this process that my paintings make appear at first glance elements which are easy to "read". But if the eye and the soul want to be carried and travel in other entrance doors, each of them will draw the perspective or meaning of their own interest.

Elements resulting from the real are often fragments of nature (vegetables, flowers...) which are pretexts to take the viewer as myself towards a dream-like and meditative universe, an universe free from any known norm. Once entered the canvas, he or she can project his own fantasies, illusions. And the interpretation that seemed simple at the beginning is more sensitive, more complex.

I make sure to create several degrees of reading to capture the look no matter where it enters and allow those who want to escape, to recharge themselves by releasing their own emotions. Everyone has to stop where he wants.